When attention turns inward in pratyahara, the meditator is in the realm of sensations, moods, emotions, feelings, instincts, and thoughts of all kinds. To the extent you accept all these and welcome them, you will slip through and beyond and find a kind of restfulness-in-the-festival.

Hospitality and kindness is the main principle here. Welcome the ever-changing flow of sensations. Welcome the play of emotions. Welcome the journey of attention. Always returning to the focus easily, with love, when you notice you have a choice. (Often you will not have a choice because the brain is busy sorting and healing).

The 8 Acceptances

I accept all my senses: touching, balancing, kinesthesia, hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing.

I accept all my emotions: love, fear, anger, joy, interest, aversion, hope, sorrow, generosity, sympathy.

I accept all my sensations: restless, relaxed, warm, cold, tingling, electric, buzzing, tenderness, fatigue, tightness, openness.

I accept all my instincts: homing, nesting, resting, bonding, exploring, playing, loving.

I accept the rhythms of my experience - the pulsing of the heart, rhythm of breathing, cycles of restfulness and restlessness.

I accept my love of Prana.

I accept spontaneity, surprise and surprising change.

I accept the play and interplay of relaxation and stress release, the functioning of the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system as I adapt to life.

Another version:

I accept all parts of myself.

I accept my entire body, everywhere. I accept all sensations. I accept all my senses.

I accept the vibrancy of life as it appears to me as my own thought impulses; I accept the speed of my thoughts, the content, the sensory media - the interal movies, images, audio of all kinds, sensations, emotions; I accept my inner theater. And I accept that I do not have to police thoughts.

I accept the instinctual wisdom of life itself – playing, exploring, homing, feeding, nesting, resting, bonding, socializing, loving..

(This is just a rough draft. I constantly modify it, over the last 40 years. Maybe you can do better.

Hospitality Words in Sanskrit

sát--kāra [p= 1134,2] [L=229528]
(sg. or pl.) kind treatment , honour , favour , reverence (with paścima = -karaa Hariv. ; rāja-sat-k° , " the favour of a king " R. ) Mn. MBh. &c




for saskāra Hariv.

(H3) m.
[L=229529]hospitable treatment , hospitality
[L=229530]feasting (or = " a meal ") , festival , religious observance
[L=229531]care , attention , consideration of or regard for a thing
sát--kti [L=229559]
doing good , virtue , morality W.
1134,3] [L=229560]
MBh. BhP. Katha1s. &c
(H3) f.
[p= kind treatment , hospitable reception , hospitality
sát--kriyā [L=229564]
putting in order , preparation Ka1v. Ka1m.
sát--kriyā [L=229565]
explication Cat.
sát--kriyā [L=229566]
a good action , charity , virtue W.
sát--kriyā [L=229567]
(sg. or pl.) kind or respectful treatment , hospitable reception , hospitality (vivāha-sat-kr° , " the celebration of a wedding " Ragh. ; para-loka-sat-kr° , " honouring in regard to the other world " , funeral ceremonies MBh. ) Mn. Ya1jn5. Ka1v. &c
sát--kriyā [L=229568]
any purificatory ceremony W.
sát--kriyā [L=229569]
funeral ceremonies L.
sát--kriyā [L=229570]
N. of wk.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) f.
ati--° thy-artha [p= 1309,3] [L=302070.4]
hospitable, L.

(H3) mfn.

Welcome Words in Sanskrit

svā* gata [p= 1277,2] [L=258321]
(for sv-āg° » p.1283) come of one's self MW.
sv-āgata [p= 1283,2] [L=259581]
(for svā*gata » [p= 1277,2]) well come , welcome R.

Mn. iv , 226
sv-āgata [L=259583]
N. of a buddha Lalit.
sv-āgata [L=259584]
of a king VP.
sv-āgata [L=259585]
of another man Buddh.
sv-āgata [L=259587]
welcome , greeting , salutation (svāgata te with or without astu , " I wish you welcome ") MBh. Ka1v. &c
sv-āgata [L=259588]
welfare , health (» next) .
(H3) mfn.
(H1) mfn.
[L=259582]lawfully-earned (as money)
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
sv-āgata--vacana [L=259590]
the uttering of welcome , the word welcome MW.
(H3) n.
svāgatika [L=259591]
bidding welcome to any one Pa1n2. 7-3 , 7 Sch.
(H2) mfn.
svāgatī- √ k [L=259592]
-karoti (ind.p. -ktya) , to make into a cry of welcome Megh.
(H2) P.
svāgama [L=259593]
welcome , salutation MBh.
(H2) m.