Antaryoga - deep thought , abstraction.
Antargatamanas - whose mind is turned inwards, engaged in deep thought, sad, perplexed.

How to Deal with Thoughts

Thoughts do not come in to interrupt you. They are packets of energy that want to take part in whatever centeredness, collectedness, or new perspective you have gained from a few seconds of meditation. Thoughts can be imagined conversations, remembered conversations, snippets of mental movies, entire scenes and scenarios, remembered feelings, feelings and sensations you missed at the time, a replaying of emotions, rehearsing future actions, sorting through to-do lists.

Thoughts come to be healed, sorted, soothed, and integrated into the flow of your action sequence. They often come bearing gifts. What looks like a thought may be another form of the mantra or focus.

If you are meditating with a goddess mantra, and start thinking about Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence, you may be sensing the way they channel goddess energy in their roles. Your mind has not wandered; it is musing on something closer to home and wondering, “How do I live this energy? How do I work through the obstacles in my life?”

When you notice you are thinking, the thought is probably starting to fade. Before that, you were completely wrapped up in the thought sequence. As you notice you are thinking, you will eventually begin to have a choice. At this point you can simply rest and savor the after-effect of the thought, and notice the feelings and sensations that accompany the thought (which may have been a mental movie or an imagined conversation). Then, when you feel attracted to return to your focus, allow that attraction to call you.

Do not, in any case, feel bad “that your mind was wandering.”

In this style, there is no “wandering” - there is expedition, pilgrimage, walkabout - every wandering is a yatra, a journey.

What to NOT DO. Often, we are tempted to feel bad that we were thinking. In other words, we generate yet another thought, meta-commenting on the previous thoughts, saying, “Those thoughts are bad. You are bad for having thought them.”

All this self-blame is not part of meditation, and is just old programming. It can be called The Kindergarten Complex, for it may have originated when an adult blamed you as a child for not paying attention.

Keep coming back to loving attention. Ahimsa, do not harm the self. Do not harm any part of yourself. Meditation is NOT a process of one small part of you, an inner policeman, beating up on all the other parts and putting them in jail for being unruly and having fun.

Thought: Something imagined or pictured in the mind “I just had a thought: what if we both pitched in and bought him one big present instead of two smaller presents for his birthday?” Synonyms abstraction, cogitation, concept, conception, image, impression, intellection, mind's eye, notion, picture, thought

From The Oxford Dictionaries
  • 1an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind: Maggie had a sudden thought

    I asked him if he had any thoughts on how it had happened

    Mrs Oliver’s first thought was to get help

  • (one's thoughts) one’s mind or attention: he’s very much in our thoughts and prayers

  • an act of considering or remembering someone or something: she hadn’t given a thought to Max for some time

  • (usually thought of) an intention, hope, or idea of doing or receiving something: he had given up all thoughts of making London his home

  • [as adverb] (a thought) dated to a small extent; somewhat: those of us who work at home may find our hands a thought freer

  • 2 [mass noun] the action or process of thinking: Sophie sat deep in thought

  • careful consideration or attention: I haven’t given it much thought

  • concern for another’s well-being or convenience: he is carrying on the life of a single man, with no thought for me

  • 3 [mass noun] the formation of opinions, especially as a philosophy or system of ideas, or the opinions so formed: the freedom of thought and action

    the traditions of Western thought

  • Phrases
  • don't give it another thought
  • informal used to tell someone not to worry when they have apologized for something:
  • ‘I don’t like to feel I let you down, Jane.’ ‘You didn’t let me down. Please don’t give it another thought.’
  • it's the thought that counts
  • informal used to indicate that it is the kindness behind an act that matters, however imperfect or insignificant the act may be:
  • when people give you things that you don’t want, you must remember that it’s the thought that counts
  • a second thought
  • [with negative] more than the slightest consideration:
  • the admiral dismissed the rumour without a second thought
  • take thought
  • dated reflect or consider:
  • he halted for a while to take thought
  • that's a thought!
  • informal used to express approval of a comment or suggestion:
  • ‘Why don’t we let that tub fill up with rainwater?’ ‘That’s a thought!’

When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking. -Albert Einstein