Yatra - yātrā - Going, journey, march, expedition

Think of meditation as a journey. You are sitting there, and your awareness goes on a journey.

yātrā [p= 849,3] [L=171069]
going , setting off , journey , march , expedition MBh. Ka1v. &c (with prāāntikī or aurdhvadehikī = death ; yātrā- or , to undertake an expedition , take the field ; yātrām-pch , to wish luck DivyA7v. )

cf. gagā- and tīrtha-y°)

Katha1s. Ra1jat. Hit. (cf. deva-y°)

= utsava) Ba1lar.

Mn. MBh. &c

laukikī , worldly intercourse = jagad-y°) Mn. xi , 184




of a partic. kind of astronomical wk. (cf. yoga-y°)

yātrā [p= 851,1] [L=171369]
(H2) f.
[L=171070]going on a pilgrimage (
[L=171071]a festive train , procession
[L=171072]a feast , festival (
[L=171073]support of life , livelihood , maintenance
[L=171074]intercourse (with
[L=171075]way , means , expedient
[L=171076]passing away time
[L=171077]practice , usage , custom
[L=171079]of a sort of dramatic entertainment (popular in Bengal)