Rhythms of Light and Dark

Every morning I awaken . . . from what, I do not exactly know, into whatever this world is. From sleeping and dreaming into so-called wakefulness and daydreaming. I roll from one mystery to another.

I find so amazing that we awaken, and orient ourselves to work – what does the world need of me today?

The idea of a yoga practice is, we awaken and orient ourselves toward a greater source of nourishment and inspiration, and then go to work.
There is something shining through

Dreaming, sleeping and waking states are the rhythm, and Samadhi, pure consciousness by itself is the drone instrument, putting out a continuous something.

In the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva sings to Shakti,

Dreaming, dreaming, sleeping, awakening
Rhythms of darkness and light.

Day and night, night and day, wondering . . .
. . . Who am I? Who AM I?
Who is morphing through this
Ever-shifting flow?

Beloved, wake up!
Dance in your true body before time,
Shimmering energy without end.

There is an outer world, full of light and darkness, realms
There is an inner world of dreams and beyond dreams
Go deeper into the light without end, the light of consciousness,
the light of splendor, your real body.
whether we are working, resting, dreaming, the uncreated light wants to shine through. Here we are, flowing through our rhythms of work, play, love and rest.
Exertion and rejuvenation.

The light wants to shine through. It also seems to delight in hiding. I see yogis bringing their light into the workplace, and in this there is a taste of the sense there is something deeper.

Work is a way of engaging with the world. The light shining through wants to permeate work as well as our yoga practice.

Awareness links itself to the to-do list. we all are jugglers. Choreographing. This is no obstacle, it is our equivalent to being a solar system, how does a star keep track of all those planets? How does a galaxy keep track of billion stars?

Work is we link ourselves (yog) to a task, and apply energy and attention. Taking care of this local area. There is an extra joy is doing so with a taste of primordial light shining through.

Every day it is the same old grind. Now I am awake, more or less, now asleep, now dreaming. Is this all there is? There is something more I long for, and it is right here. And occasionally, now I am really awake, in some deeper way. In meditation, or near the end of a long swim off Malibu, I wake up to something that feels more real than anything in the human world.

Then there are those moments when I touch something deeper, that seems to be the basis of it all, I don’t know how to say it, there is a light shining through everything. As if we are all underwater, and turiya is the water out of which we are made. What it feels like to me is that we are made out of something transparently alive, silent joy, the witness to everything.