Desire Yoga

The English word desire means: “To want something very strongly; to long for; to crave,” and it comes from the Latin phrase de sidere, “from the stars.” Sideris is a “heavenly body, star, constellation.” Desire is from the heavens, and to follow your desire is to follow your star.

Desire in the Merriam-Williams dictionary

We all have a dozen or more desire-stars to follow, our own constellation. These include: friendship, exercise, food, sex, play and power. Desires often come as a sequence – we want to eat good food, in a great place, while feeling love and laughing with our friends. It takes skill to line up a day so that even some of our desires can be fulfilled. When we apply ourselves to this skill, we are practicing a Yoga of desire, kamayoga, (kama = desire), and flowing through kamakrama (krama = ordered sequences).

Kama Krama

kāma - wish , desire , longing , desire for , longing after , love , affection , object of desire or of love or of pleasure, enjoyment, love , especially sexual love or sensuality, Love or Desire personified, a stake in gambling, a species of mango tree, N. of a metre consisting of four lines of two long syllables each ...

Meditation is sometimes construed as a path of killing or suppressing desire. This attitude is characteristic of the Path of Renunciation, in which one renounces desires, wealth, home, family, friends, and wealth and hits the road as an impoverished mendicant.

On the Path of Intimacy, desires are the fuel for practice.

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