Mudra & Spontaneous Hand Gestures

When people are talking about their experience, they make spontaneous gestures that are wonderfully informative. For the student, they are spontaneous prana-filled motions that dance out an evolution. They feel beautiful to the body. For us watching, they teach us about the energy flowing in the student in that moment. For the student, their mudras can serve as a doorway into meditation.

Train yourself to notice and enjoy the gestures people make when they are talking. You can see this even when people are talking on the cell phone.

Like everything in yoga, the spontaneous has been codified, so thoroughly that one can forget that it is natural. Indian Dance is a profound tradition with immense subtlety. Perhaps watching this will help sensitize you to natural gestures.

Mudra - authorization, a pass, passport

mud - to be merry


mudrā́ [p= 822,3] [L=165530]
» mudrā below.
mudrā [L=165535]
(fr. mudra » above ) a seal or any instrument used for sealing or stamping , a seal-ring , signet-ring (cf. aguli-m°) , any ring MBh. Ka1v. &c



MBh. Ka1v. &c


esp. a token or mark of divine attributes impressed upon the body) Ka1v. Pur. Ra1jat.


gen. or comp.) Ka1v.

Amar. Bhpr.


of partic. positions or intertwinings of the fingers (24 in number , commonly practised in religious worship , and supposed to possess an occult meaning and magical efficacy Das3. Sarvad. Ka1ran2d2. RTL. 204 ; 406)

partic. branch of education (" reckoning by the fingers ") DivyA7v.

śākta or Tantrik ceremonial) RTL. 192

rhet.) the natural expression of things by words , calling things by their right names Kuval.



(H1) f.
[L=165536]type for printing or instrument for lithographing
[L=165537]the stamp or impression made by a seal
[L=165538]any stamp or print or mark or impression
[L=165539]a stamped coin , piece of money , rupee , cash , medal
[L=165540]an image , sign , badge , token (
[L=165541]authorization , a pass , passport (as given by a seal)
[L=165542]shutting , closing (as of the eyes or lips
[L=165543]a lock , stopper , bung
[L=165544]a mystery
[L=165547]parched or fried grain (as used in the
[L=165549](in music) a dance accordant with tradition