Sparsa - Touching

sparsa - touching


sparśa [p= 1268,2] [L=256548]
śana &c » p.1269.
sparśá [p= 1269,1] [L=256604]
touching (in a-bhūtala-sp° , mana-sp° , q.v.)
sparśá [L=256605]
(ifc. f(ā). ) touch , sense of touch (-tas ind. e.g. sparśa-ta sukha tat , " that is pleasant to the touch ") , contact (fig. applied to the beginning of an eclipse or to any astron. contact) Mn. MBh. VarBr2S. &c
sparśá [L=256606]
(in gram.) collective N. of the twenty-five consonants constituting the five classes from k to m (so-called because formed by complete contact of the organs of utterance ; cf. sthāna and spṛṣṭa) Pra1t. ChUp. BhP.
sparśá [L=256607]
(in phil.) the quality of tangibility (which constitutes the skin's viaya q.v.) IW. 68
sparśá [L=256608]
any quality which is perceptible by touching any object (e.g. heat , cold , smoothness , softness &c ) MBh. &c
sparśá [L=256609]
feeling , sensation (e.g. sira-śūla-sp° , " sensation of headache ") S3Br. &c
sparśá [L=256610]
pleasant feeling MBh. v , 1366
sparśá [L=256611]
unpleasant or morbid sensation , illness Pa1n2. 3-3 , 16 Va1rtt. 1 Pat.
sparśá [L=256612]
air , wind L.
sparśá [L=256613]
(accord. to some) temperature Nya1yad.
sparśá [L=256614]
a kind of sexual union L.
sparśá [L=256615]
a gift , offering (» kāka-sp° and sp°-yajña below)
sparśá [L=256616]
w.r. for spaśa , a spy MBh. S3is3.
sparśá [L=256618]
(a word of unknown meaning) Hariv. 10243.


(H2) mfn.
(H2B) m.
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(H2B) f.