Dharana-Holding, keeping in remembrance, two female breasts

dhāraa [p= 515,1]

ī)n. holding , bearing , keeping (in remembrance) , retention , preserving , protecting , maintaining , possessing , having (ifc. or with gen.) TA1r. MBh. Sus3r. : BhP.

gen.) , resembling MBh. xiii , 739
dhāraa [L=100956]
N. of śiva MBh.
dhāraa [L=100957]
of a son of
kaśyapa ib.
dhāraa [L=100958]
of a prince of the
candravatsas ib.
dhāraa [L=100959]
du. the two female breasts L.
dhā́raa [L=100960]
the act of holding , bearing
&c S3Br. Mn. Ya1jn5. MBh. &c
dhā́raa [L=100961]
wearing (
» liga-)
dhā́raa [L=100962]
suffering , enduring
dhā́raa [L=100963]
keeping in remembrance , memory
TA1r. Mn. MBh. Hariv. : immovable concentration of the mind upon (loc.) Veda7ntas.
dhā́raa [L=100964]
restraining (
cf. śvāsa-)
dhā́raa [L=100965]
keeping back
i.e. pronouncing imperfectly Pra1t.
dhāraa [L=100966]
ā and ī). » dhāraā and °ī.

[L=100955]assuming the shape of