Pratyahara-Retreat, abstraction

praty-āhāra [p= 677,2]

drawing back (troops from a battle) , retreat

esp. of the senses from external objects) , abstraction MBh. Mn. Pur. Veda7ntas. (cf. IW. 93)


&c into one syllable by combining for shortness the first member with the anubandha (s.v.) of the last member

&c so combined (as ac or hal in the śivasūtras) Pa1n2. 1-1 , 1 &c

dram.) N. of a partic. part of the pūrva-raga (s.v.) Sa1h.

°ra-k , with gen. , to speak to a person) Ka1ran2d2. (prob. w.r. for pravyāh°)

ib. (prob. w.r. for id.)

(H2) m.
[L=134288]withdrawal (
[L=134289]withdrawing (of created things) , re-absorption or dissolution of the world
[L=134290](in gram.) the comprehension of a series of letters or roots
[L=134291]a group of letters
[L=134293]speaking to , address (