tantrī - the wire or string of a lute, the strings of the heart
- Monier-Williams [p= 436,2]

Tune Your Instrument

Meditation is a time when you let the outer world take care of itself. There is an old saying, "Let the world turn without you." You will think about the outer world; that simply can’t be helped. Take this chance to settle into yourself and get some R&R. You do not have to be on duty, so give yourself over to the inner processes.

When you meditate, you are tuning your instrument, your body and psyche. Each of us is a unique and sensitive instrument, with perceptions and creative responses unlike any other. How you respond to the world is part of your individuality. Meditating lets you tune in to your brain and nervous system, and feel how life is vibrating through you. This allows you to fine-tune your senses to play in concert with the symphony of life.

When you meditate, you find your inner tuning fork, which is your sense of inner truth and life purpose. When you open your awareness, you will feel any places – your heart, your body, your nerves – that are out of tune. This can be painful, but when you pay attention, everything comes back into harmony.

Tune in to what's vibrating in your instrument. Then tune yourself to something you love, something that you are attracted to, something that you feel in tune with, or would like to be in tune with. The meditation focus is a way of breathing and listening to the song of life, looking at the score, or the notes on the page.

You have an inner musician or conductor. Meditation is a way of allowing her space and time to conduct you. She is your soul; she is your heart’s desire. She is also attuned to the world, to the work that needs to be done in the world to make it a better place.

The forces of life and love are flowing through you at all times. Hear the vibration in your inner strings. Hear the song in your soul. Open your belly, your heart, your throat, and let your soul sing out.

Here is a series of meditations, most from 3 to 7 minutes, that you can listen to for free, or buy for $1 each.

14 brief meditations to enliven and sanctify your day, from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you fall asleep.