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What Is Meditation?

by Lorin Roche, Ph.D. Adapted from Meditation Made Easy, HarperOne (2001)

Meditation is a name we give to a universe of techniques for accessing inner peace. In general, to meditate you sit relatively still, and let yourself pay attention to some aspect of the way life renews itself. There are thousands of variations on the techniques. For many people, it is wrong to sit still – it is better to undulate, sway, dance, most of the time, then have just a few minutes of relative stillness.

Let's take a breath, and go over that again. Read the following sentences slowly, and breathe a few breaths at the end of each phrase.

To meditate, we sit and pay loving attention to the rhythm and pulsation of life renewing itself.

How does life renew itself? Life is always in motion, rhythmically pulsating as it heals and evolves itself. more …