If you want to learn quickly, then consider getting over some misconceptions.

Here are a couple of ideas to lightly rest your attention on:

#1 Meditation is not concentration.

#2 You do not have to block out thoughts.

#3 You do not have to sit still.

#4 There are tens of thousands of different meditation techniques, and out of those only a few dozen will ring your bell. Find what you love. Find what works for you.

#5 As you explore, practice ahisma internally - set an intention to not harm yourself in the name of meditation. If you practice in a style that is not suited to your individual nature, it will probably feel suppressive, and you will not want to do it. It will feel unnatural to you, against your grain.

#6 Basically, in meditation, you perceive the energies of life - emotions flowing, breath flowing, sensations flowing, thoughts flowing. They come with different “rule sets” for how to handle what you perceive. The different styles of meditation as different as all the styles of cooking ever developed on Earth, or all the music from all cultures throughout time.


Let concentration be concentration, and let meditation be its own skill set.

The main thing you need to know is that meditation - the way we are treating it here - is loving attention to the forces of life. Loving attention is a skill you can learn. And you can unlearn un-loving attention.