Anuloma - " with the hair or grain " (opposed to prati-loma), in a natural direction, in order, regular, successive

For each individual, the natural grain is somewhat different. You can tell if someone is rubbing you the wrong way, or if, in meditation, you are trying to rub yourself the wrong way, to do someone else’s meditation.

As a first level of skill, don’t rub yourself the wrong way. Do not think of meditation as going against your inner nature or against your instincts. When learning to teach meditation, devote yourself to not going against your student’s inner nature.

anu-loma [p= 38,1] [L=7168]
(ā)n. " with the hair or grain " (opposed to prati-loma q.v.) , in a natural direction , in order , regular , successive
38,1] [L=7169]
anu-lomā [p= 38,1] [L=7170]
a woman of a lower caste than that of the man's with whom she is connected Ya1jn5.
anu-loma [p= 38,1] [L=7171]
" descendants of an anulomā " , mixed castes , (g. upakā*di q.v.)
anu-lomám [p= 38,1] [L=7172]
in regular order S3Br. &c
(H1) mf
[p= conformable
(H1B) f.
(H1B) m. pl.
(H1C) ind.

prati--lomá [p= 663,1] [L=131777]
(ā)n. against the hair or grain (opp. to anu-l°) , contrary to the natural course or order , reverse , inverted
663,1] [L=131778]
663,1] [L=131779]
S3Br. RPra1t. S3rS. &c
663,1] [L=131780]
663,1] [L=131781]
663,1] [L=131782]
ibc. and am ind.) against the hair , against the grain , in reversed or inverted order TS. Br. A1s3vS3r. &c
prati--lomá [p= 663,1] [L=131783]
N. of a man
prati--lomá [p= 663,1] [L=131784]
his descendants g. upakā*di
prati--lomā [p= 663,1] [L=131785]
a partic. incantation (to be recited from the end to the beginning) Katha1s.
prati--lomá [p= 663,1] [L=131786]
any disagreeable or injurious act
prati--lomena [p= 663,1] [L=131787]
in an unfriendly manner , unpleasantly Ca1n2.
prati-loma [p= 1330,3] [L=336580]
prati, p. 663, col. 1.
(H3) mf
[p= adverse , hostile , disagreeable , unpleasant
[p= low , vile
[p= left , not right
[p= contrary to caste (where the mother is of a higher caste than the father)
[p= (
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m. pl.
(H3B) f.
(H3B) n.
(H3B) ind.
(H2) see under